Kids make your Redcliffe Festival Marvel Heroes Proud by doing your bit to make our Universe a Green Machine

Parents and carers, KiteFest Marvel Superheroes called up for duty by Brisbane Kids have thrown down the gauntlet during Redcliffe Festival, challenging the next generation to keep their Marvel Green Machine mission on track.

It’s time for your kids to follow in the footsteps of The Incredible Hulk, Spider-man and Iron Man by doing their bit to fight climate-change and help make our universe greener and cleaner.

We’re Calling on KiteFest Kids to Rise to the Challenge!

Your kids don’t need superpowers to be a Green Machine hero!

To fight the good fight your children’s arsenal needs to be stocked with knowledge, empathy and reverence for Mother Earth – her natural gifts and all her creatures great and small.

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Teach your Children to Appreciate the World around Them

Instil in your children a respect for nature and all its diverse flora and fauna. Treasure wildlife in all its forms – from the creepy crawlies to the majestic animals – all have a vital role to play in keeping our eco-system in balance, even those pesky mosquitos are integral to keeping our universe healthy.

Practice what you preach – take your kids for nature walks in Moreton Bay Region’s national parks and reserves, and read green-themed and animal-centric storybooks to them at bedtime to help develop their affinity for nature and animals.

Introduce your Young Ones to Green Thumb Fun

Nurture a love for outdoor exploration and introduce your children to the joys of growing their own food. Creating a sustainable, organic garden in your own home is one of life’s little pleasures and is a wonderful way to bond as a family. As it springs to life, your child’s confidence will grow along with it.

You can finish off your home garden by introducing composting to achieve fully-fledged sustainability.

7 Tips to Help Children Live Up to their KiteFest Heroes & Make the Universe a Green Machine

Kids, make your Marvel heroes proud by putting these tips to help you combat climate change into action at home, at school and out and about:


Switch off lights along with your computer when you’re not using them and turn appliances off at the wall.


Turn-off water when you are not using it and limit your showers.


Recycle, reduce and re-use items instead of letting them end up as landfill at the dump. Re-using items will also help cut back on wasting natural resources like aluminium, trees and oil.


Don’t get Mum and Dad, or your carer to drive you, if you’re old enough you can reduce greenhouse gas fumes by taking your bicycle, walking, or the bus.


Plant trees to combat greenhouse fumes. Trees absorb CO2 from the air, helping to freshen up and regulate the climate.


Going on a grocery shop with your parents/carer? Help them focus their shop on products which carry the recycle sign. This sign verifies the item has been made from recycled materials.


Keep learning about environmental issues facing our planet, share what greenhouse reduction tips you learn with your friends and family, engage with environmental groups, and/or raise the subject of starting a school gardening program with your teacher, or principal.

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