Redcliffe Festival – Bay of Boats

Jetty Fiesta (part of Redcliffe Festival) is a colourful celebration, which includes lighting installations and a huge fireworks display.

This year, the Festival is inviting local vessel owners to become part of the event by participating in the ‘Bay of Boats’ initiative. Bay of Boats will activate and light the bay as anchored spectators have the opportunity to watch the iconic fireworks spectacular from the comfort of their own vessel.

Vessels are encouraged to anchor in the water in the area around the Redcliffe Jetty between 3pm-9pm. Registered vessels will be asked to decorate their boat with fairy and solar lights, as part of the “Best Dressed Boat” competition.

To participate in the ‘Bay of Boats’ boat owners need to register via the form below to receive an event permit flag. Registration is free. Approved vessels will be sent a confirmation pack with arranged arrival and departure times including finer details of the event.



How To Register

To obtain approval and an event permit flag please complete this registration form and attach your Queensland Transport and Main Roads Vessel Registration Notice.

Only 100 vessels will be permitted to access the event zones established in the Redcliffe Foreshore.

Event Details

Event: Bay of Boats (part of Jetty Fiesta)
Date: Saturday, 9 September
Time: 6.00pm-9.00pm
Location: Redcliffe Jetty Foreshore (detailed maps will be provided)


Bay of Boats – Key Timings


6:00AMAnchor zones marked with buoys. Please note, approval for event does not guarantee a particular position within the zone
3:00PMApproved vessels may start to enter event site and anchor position from this time
6:00PMAll registered recreational vessels must be anchored in their allocated zone and must remain anchored until set times at the conclusion of Jetty Fiesta. Your vessel is NOT PERMITTED to move or depart until your zones nominated departure time.
8:00PMFireworks commences
8:15PMFireworks concludes
8:45PM Zone departures begin

Terms & Conditions

  • There are only 100 Event Permit Flags available.
  • It is free to register for this event and approved permit flags are free.
  • Vessel owners are encouraged to “dress up their vessel” with lights and/or the 2017 Jetty Fiesta theme.
  • You must attach your Queensland Transport and Main Roads Vessel Registration Notice with this application.
  • All vessels must operate in accordance with the general safety obligations under the Transport Operations (Marine Safety) Act 1994. Vessels must have working navigation lights.
  • Redcliffe Coast guard and Water Police will be on site to direct placement of vessels and monitor the ‘Bay of Boats’ exclusion zone.
  • All vessels must stay anchored in the dedicated spectator zone from 6pm-9pm.
  • Vessels must clearly display Approved Event Permit Flag on their port side.
  • Any vessel not displaying an Approved Event Permit Flag will be stopped by Enforcement Agencies and asked to produce a flag. Vessels who have not registered for an Approved Event Permit Flag will not be allowed entry to the Jetty Fiesta: Bay of Boats  spectator zone. No exceptions will be made.
  • Your Approved Event Permit Flag does not guarantee you a particular position within the dedicated spectator zone along the Redcliffe Foreshore.
  • The personal information collected in this application will be used to allow vessel owners to obtain an Approved Event Permit Flag which permits them to access the dedicated zone. As authorised under the Transport Operations (Marine Safety) Act 1994, Authorised Departmental staff will have access to this information and your personal details will not be disclosed to a third party without your consent or unless required by law.
  • The personal information collected on this registration form will be kept and may be used by Redcliffe Festival for the purpose of sending promotional material to you.
  • Upon having your registration approved you will receive a detailed map showing the dedicated spectator zone, the fireworks exclusion zone and release time after the event concludes.
  • All approved vessels must follow the directions of Coastguard and Water Police at all times whilst on site.
  • Please read the conditions shown on the map and Event Permit carefully. Please keep all information sheets provided to you and bring them along on Saturday, 9 September 2017.

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