Get swept away ‘In the Sky’ at the 2017 Redcliffe KiteFest!

Renowned for its world-class kite show, this year’s Redcliffe KiteFest certainly won’t disappoint!

The best-kite flyers from throughout the world will come together for one very special weekend over Saturday 26 and Sunday 27, August. Look up and be amazed at the majestic kites of all shapes and sizes fill the sky from 9am to 4pm each day. Here’s who and what you can expect to see!

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Andreas Agren (Sweden)

Andreas Agren is a 66 y.o. kite creator originally from Sweden. He started making kites at the age of 42, and he takes pride in flying kites of his own design that fly without the force of a ‘lifter’. His single line kites are sometimes somewhat bizarre, and many of them show a subtle sense of humour, while others show nifty technical solutions. Andreas travels extensively to kite festivals around the world. This is his first major kite festival in Australia.

Simon & Lyndall Chisnall (New Zealand)

Simon who works at Peter Lynn Kites is renowned for making the world’s biggest kites that are truly spectacular including the popular giant whale and crab. Simon has also recently been all around the world after being commissioned by FOX Studios to create an 18-metre monster 3D show kite in the shape of Toothless, the Night Fury dragon for the US launch of How to Train Your Dragon 2 movie.

Ali and Nev Carvell (Adelaide)

Allison and Nevil Carvell from Adelaide, have both been flying kites for over 25 years as a hobby. Allison started with dual line stunt kite flying and team flying for the Kite Factory competing around Australia in the early nineties. Nevil also started with Dual kite flying, Nevil went on to work for the kite factory for a number of years making and selling kites, this is where Allison and Nevil met. They both progressed to 4 line kites and buggying. Then onto large inflatable kites which continues to be a passion today. They have a collection of large inflatable kites which includes a Mermaid, UFO, Killer Whale, Horse, Crocodile, Easter Island Head, Astronaut, Trilobite a couple of Cars and a few new additions.

Jo and Ricky Baker (Melbourne)

Jo and Ricky Baker have been flying Kites for over 28 years now. We started flying sports kites and over the years have flown kites for sport, recreationally and professionally in all parts of the world. Today we mainly fly and make the larger single string kites as they “wow” the kids of all ages. Jo and Ricky started Kites 4 Kids in November 1995 and have since been running kite making workshops in schools, school holiday programs, after school activities, community events and all sorts of other places.

Redcliffe Kite Club (Australia)

The passionate and talented Redcliffe Kite Club and their members (including honorary members Annie and Phil McConnachie) will be flying alongside the international kite displays. The Redcliffe Kite Club is responsible for organising the amazing kite displays each year at the Redcliffe KiteFest and are a very talented bunch of flyers.

Leong Chee Wan (Malaysia)

Leong Chee Wan, better known as CEEWAN in the kiting community has been BIG into kites since 1993. Over the years he has become well-known in the international kiting community and is known for his works on designing kite platforms (as opposed to decorating a kite). His most successful designs are the “Pointer” and “Plutz” kites which are now sold under licence in the USA. Back in Malaysia he is also known for his collection of rare, stunning, designer kites from all over the world.

Jessica Liang (China)

Jessica Liang, a Chinese girl and kite lover. She comes from the Weifang Kaixuan Kite Manufacture Co, Ltd, which makes both large and small kites. She is the sales manager of the company. Talking kites is her daily job. She loves kites and loves to help people make all kinds of beautiful kites. Though she is a new kite flyer of large show kites, she has a lot of impressive and spectacular kites to colour the sky. She is looking forward to sharing the happy moments with everyone in Redcliffe.

Danny Lau (Malaysia)

Danny Lau has been flying kites for the past 20 years, flying any form of kite he can get his hands on. Danny also collects unusual kites and is fascinated by ground kite displays. Danny has flown in many regional kite festivals and has become known by many as “Danny Kiteman”. He officially became a pro-kite flyer in 2003 and specialises in kite events for corporate companies, team building, and outdoor events. For the past few years he had been involved in the very successful NTUC Income Kite Festival in Singapore. Danny is also a competent indoor single-line kite flyer where his skills are very sought after.

Aerobatic Displays

Catch the gravity-defying aerobatic displays and tricks flying high above Pelican Park daily.

You won’t want to miss the Harvard perform spectacular aerial displays – Daily at 12.30pm

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Quest Community News Public Kite Flying Zone

In 2017 the Quest Community News Public kite flying zone is bigger than ever! Bring your own kite, or your creation from the kite workshops, and show us your kite flying skills!

Proudly supported by Quest Community News

Kite Making Workshops - $7

Make your very own kite whilst learning the ancient craft of kite making at our kite making workshops. Let experienced kite flyers show you the ‘tricks of the trade’ and once completed, fly your creation in the public kite flying zone! Operating from 10am – 2pm near the entry gate and KiteFest art installation.

*Please note: Kite quantities are limited and distributed on a ‘first in, best dressed’ basis.

Proudly supported by Quest Community News

Take a look at the kites from Redcliffe KiteFest 2014!

* Please note – All demonstrations are subject to weather conditions and may be re-scheduled or cancelled due to safety requirements.

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