Leong Chee Wan (MALAYSIA)

Leong Chee Wan better known as CEEWAN in the kiting community has been BIG into kites since 1993. It was a re-discovery into kites after stumbling into a colleague who was flying modern manoeuvrable kites and Leong has not looked back since! His most successful designs are the “Pointer” and “Plutz” kites which are now sold under licence in the USA. Back in Malaysia he is also known for his collection of rare, stunning, designer kites from all over the world.

The Pointer kite is a massive 20 feet tall framed kite. This is arguably the biggest mass produced framed-kite in the market. The graphics on the kite comes in many variety most recognisable are the Geo Pointers and the Bonito Pointers.

Ceewan’s Pointers are a result of his ongoing research in bridle-less kites. This kite platform is designed without the use of bridles also known as a single-point kite, of which, traditionally impossible to be made to fly steadily. This kite is designed to be novice friendly and it can be flown in the lightest winds to strong winds with very little pull.  There are other amazing kites which are built in this manner.

The Plutz kite is an indoor “zero-wind” kite. This is a new generation kite is engineered to fly efficiently and built very light with hi-tech carbon fibre and lightweight Polyester. This kite is specifically designed to be flown in absolutely NO wind. It’s born from the need to fly kites when winds are low or next to nothing. The Plutz kites had been making the headlines in the international kite scene for the past years. Designed and built in various sizes the most recognisable Plutz kites are the Prism Zero G, the Mega Plutz 2013, POP-Art Plutz and the Plutz 3.

Danny Lau (MALAYSIA)


Danny’s career has not always been sky-ward. In his pre-kite life, Danny worked as a well-travelled news cameraman with a local (Malaysian) TV station. After leaving the television station to allow more time for kite flying and festivals, Danny now  freelances for International news agencies such as Aljazeera International, Australian News Channel, CNN, APTV etc.

When he isn’t working, Dan is a skilled kite flyer, attending and flying in many regional kite festivals – he has become known as “Danny Kiteman”. In 2003, Danny finally became a pro-kite flyer and started to specialise in doing kite events for corporate companies, team building and outdoor events. For the past few years he is involved in being a part of the very successful NTUC Income Kite Festivals in Singapore. He is also a very competent indoor single-line kite flyer where his skills is sought after as an indoor kite ambassador for schools in Singapore.

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