Domestic Kite Flyers

Roger Martin (Sydney)

Roger has been flying two-line sports kites for more than 20 years. He is also a member of the “Ocean Breeze” three-man Australian Champions team who have performed show routines all over Australia. Roger has also been doing buggy performances yearly at Pasir Gudang for the past 19 years. He makes all of his own kites and loves keeping children amused with his quad-line “Spongebob Squarepants” kite.

In 2014, Roger’s team of four Australians broke the World Altitude Record for a single Lines Kite by achieving a height of 16,038 feet. Roger is now involved in flying pyrotechnic kites over water or land at night, with recent performances in China, Turkmenistan, Dubai, and Qatar.

Robert Brasington (Tasmania)

Born in Hobart, Robert is on of Australia’s leading suppliers of Australian made sports kites. Inspirations for his designs come from the world around him, however, as his work grew, so did the inspiration derived form the alternative gothic genre. Most of Robert’s kites now see a common theme of a black background with complimentary colour combinations.

Robert also loves to conduct workshops around the design and construction of kites and also sees this as a way to learn new techniques from fellow kite makers.

“As I learn more about my discipline, I realise there is so much more to understand” – Robert Basington

Jo & Ricky Baker (Melbourne)

Jo & Ricky have been flying kites for over 28 years in both recreational and professional environments. Over the years Jo & Ricky have travelled to China, Hawaii, Thailand, India, and the US for an number of well known International Kiting events.

Jo & Ricky are also proud founders of Kites 4 Kids, a kite making workshop company travelling to festivals and schools all around Australia. Although they do not manufacture or sell kites, they thoroughly enjoy teaching others the art of kite making and the joy of kite flying.

Linda & Kevin Sanders (Adelaide)

Since 1993 Linda & Kevin Sanders have explored the wonderful world of designing, building and flying kites and feather banners. They have participated in numerous kite festivals around the globe flying kites and haring their passion for kite making and teaching like-minded enthusiasts.

Linda designs and crafts banners both for pleasure and commercially through her feather banner making business Ozfeathers. In addition, Linda is now serving her 12th year as Regional Director for the American Kite Flyers Association and in 2007 was awarded “Kite Accessory of the Year” by the American Kite Association Annual Convention for her “Women of the World” series.

Kevin has been designing, building, and flying kites since 1993. In this time, he has travelled extensively, participating in festivals, meeting other kite flyers, and teaching kite making.  Kevin has been a member of the Hall Of Fame committee for the World Kite Museum since 2008.

Andrew Rendell (Adelaide)

Andrew has been flying kites for 24 years. He first began flying stunt kites and progressed to kite buggying, a variation of kite flying that entails flying power / inflatable kites while riding behind a kite buggy (3 wheeled vehicle).

Andrew also builds his own kites, starting with a kite foil and then a Cody box kite 3 ½ metres in length.  Not wishing to stop there he then built a 9 x 5 metre frog and 12 metre long dolphin and finally a 2 ½ meter wide foil kite. With more time and enthusiasm the finale is a 15 metre neck lizard.

These accomplishments would not have been possible without the support and advice of members of Andrew’s kite club and the Adelaide Kite Flyers Association, which Andrew now serves as Treasurer.

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