Simon & Lyndall Chisnall (NEW ZEALAND)

Simon has been in the kite industry since 1996, when he joined the Peter Lynn Kites team.

He first started his career by making kite buggies, then 5 years later, with this experience under his belt, started making and flying large show kites. Simon has truly found something that he really enjoys – designing show kites. Some of his designs include the Cuttlefish, Crab, Pegasus, Terry the turtle, Horse and one of the most popular the 30 metre life size Blue Whale. Simon loves kite flying, and also the opportunities which it involves – travelling to kite events all over the globe, including Thailand, Kuwait, Malaysia, India, Japan, Indonesia and the USA.

One of Simon’s most memorable projects was designing and creating a 18 metre long Toothless Dragon kites for 20th Century Fox to promote the ‘How to train a Dragon 2’ movie.  Toothless has been flown at events around the world including the Redcliffe Kite festival last year. The highlight was taking one of them to England and flying it behind a boat through the London Tower Bridge.

In 2006 Simon married Lyndall, who has caught the kite bug as well, and is a keen kite flyer. She persuaded him to make her Sun/Moon design into a kite that made the front cover of the AKA (American Kite Association) magazine.  Her most recent idea was Terry the Turtle which has been a really popular design also.

The team at KiteFest are looking forward to seeing which kites Simon and Lyndall bring to take to the skies at KiteFest 2015!

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