Bupa Splatt Nation

The Bupa Splatt Nation has arrived to the Redcliffe KiteFest! With stacks of free and ticketed activities this is a world of fun the kids aren’t going to want to leave. The free fun starts with Laser Tag, Splatt Twister, Chalk Bomb Splatt and Balloon Splatt. Low cost activities include Splatt Sponge Attack and Hover Ball! The Bupa Splatt Nation is a must-see at the 2017 Redcliffe KiteFest.

Splatt Workshops

A brand new and exciting area with all things that go “SPLATT”! There are SPLATT craft and paint workshops for everyone! Bupa Splatt Nation has stacks of free workshops including Splatt Twister, Balloon Splatt, Fly Splatt Painting, Chalk Bomb Splatt, and Blow Marble Splatt Art. PLUS there’ll be Splatt Tattoos and Sticky Hand Giveaways!

*Free Activity 

Laser Zone

Enter an undercover laser battle zone with obstacles to duck and hide behind, but never turn your back!  This exhilarating laser battle is one you will never forget!

*Free Activity

Splatt! Sponge Attack

Splatt! Sponge Attack is a brand new, innovative and exciting amusement in Queensland. From the moment you put the face shield on to the your last shot of the gun, you will be pumped and lining up for more! It gets you hooked, it’s addictive – challenge workmates, friends and family to an exciting and slightly soggy game that can be enjoyed by all ages.  Catering for up to 8 players at a time, it will have you scrambling to collect the pellets and reload without being hit by the enemy. Once you are in ‘the cage’ it is every man, woman and child for themselves! Each air powered gun fires a wet pellet using a simple trigger. What you have to do is dodge the pellets fired by your competitors and with only a thin strip of canvas for protection, it is sheer mastery not to leave the cage feeling a little moist. It really is some of the best fun you will have all year. Check out the photos, there’s lots of laughter!

The world champion, Splatter Man will be making a special appearance at KiteFest, so keep an eye out for the unknown hero in the orange morph suit!

*$6 per player


Looking for some new and different try with the family…? Well you’re in luck! XFire Games’ HoverBall is just the ‘thing’ for you and the kids. HoverBall is a target shooting gallery that miraculously levitates four balls in mid-air moving up and down, the shooter needs to steady the breathing, take aim and fire to knock down the balls of doom!

*From $2

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